Coming March 2022

Illustration by Qistina Khalidah


The Stone Road is a haunting, lyrical fantasy set in a harsh world of grit and monsters.

In Casement Rise, a dusty town at the end of days, Jean is a young girl with an innocent but timeless voice that will call to all of us.


The day Jean was born a force named Furnace awoke a few miles out of town that mysteriously calls people to it, never to be heard from again. Jean’s father has been called to it and so many others besides.


The novel revolves around Jean, and her relationships both with her stern and overprotective grandmother, and the ancient evil that is Furnace. Jean’s grandmother has always kept Casement Rise safe from monsters, but in protecting Jean, she may have left it too late to teach her how to face the demons on her own, and now it’s time to grow up.