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Half an Hour

January 13, 2017

I am currently neck-deep, and dropping deeper, into The Stone Road. As far as process goes it's like every other book I have hoped to finish (and there are plenty that I haven't) if I go to it every day it grows, and all the horrible non-linear bits that make up my first draft start talking to each other.


I work pretty much full-time at Avid Reader (well, four days a week, plus a bit of teaching or mentoring) so what does going to it every day entail? About half an hour. (Not much of a surprise)


If I write for half an hour every day on a single story then that story happens. If I don't, it doesn't. Sure, I'm never going to produce as much as some other writers, but I still keep ticking along. And I still keep getting the words together, and there isn't anyone I'm competing against except myself, and I am pretty easy to beat.


I'm lucky enough to have an extra day of focus where I can spend more time on the book, and I usually do. But that doesn't work without that daily half an hour. I forget this often, which is why I've decided to put it here.


It's really easy, and terribly difficult. But that's writing, isn't it?





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