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Trent Jamieson is a multi-award winning novelist and short story writer. 

He is the author of the Death Works series, The Nightbound Land Duology, Day Boy, and The Giant and the Sea.

He can be contacted below.

Some of his short fiction can be read here.

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I’d forgotten how good index cards are at untangling stories. I’ve got a fair chunk of a new novel written – around 15,000 words – and it’s still feeling formless. Often, I don’t feel like I’m making any progress on a story unless I’m actually typing away, and that serves me pretty well when I’m writing something particularly plotty. I kind of work it out as I go, putting down key scenes and so on.


But this new book, as opposed to the one I’ve just finished, is a little looser. There are key elements and themes, but I’m still working out how they connect.


Index cards are a useful way of looking at a book (at least the book as I currently intend/hope it to be) as whole and asking questions about it without tripping up on the sentences. Basically, not so much locking in a structure, but looking at structural possibilities.


Without going into detail, I always knew this was going to be a difficult book to write, but I don’t want it to be a dreadfully difficult book to read.


I think I’m slowly finding my way.




On a lighter note.


Brent Wilson and I will be at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival talking about how we made Mr Impoppable. It's going to be a lot of fun.


You can book here.

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